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Compounding can be the answer in many situations when medications are...

  • Commercially not available
  • Not Manufactured Because of Stability Problems
    • Dermatologicals
    • Dental Preparations
    • Sterile Injectables
      • Discontinued Veterinarian Products
      • Combination Products

  • Not Economically Feasible to Manufacture
    • Sublingual Doseage Forms
    • Transdermal Therapy

  • In Doses Not Commercially Available
    • Discontinued Products
    • For Environmentally Sensitive Patients
      • Preservative Free
      • Dye Free
      • Lactose Intolerant Preparations

  • In Dosage Forms Not Commercially Available
    • Suppositories
      • Pain Management
      • Nausea Control
      • Hospice
    • Nasal Sprays
      • Treatment of Migraine Headaches

  • In Delivery Systems Not Commercially Available
    • Transdermal Creams
    • Urethral Inserts

  • Not Yet Commercially Available
    • Alternative Medications

  • Effective for Pain Management
    • Arthritis Medications
      • Offers Substantial Cost Savings

A powerful medicine may be avalable only in 25 mg and 50 mg capsules. Yet, a doctor may find that the best dose is 40 mg. We can prepare a dosage form that will contain exactly this amount. The patient doesn't have to make too much medicine, which is wasteful and could cause adverse effects, or too little medicine, which could be ineffective.


Medicines often are available only in tablets or capsules. But infants and individuals who have difficulity swallowing may need a liquid, suppository, or other dosage form. We can compound these dosage forms to contain the medicine people need.


Pharmaceutical companies may stop making products for which there is limited demand. And limited demand is likely to occur when a newer and, sometimes, more effective medicine comes into the market. However some patients may respond better to a discontinued medicine than to its newer counterpart. If we can obtain the medicine in its chemical form , we can compound a prescription to contain the amount of medicine in the discontinued product.


Each commercial product usually is avalable in only one flavor. Some children and adults will find that flavor to be disagreeable. And some individuals will not take a medicine because of bad taste. This is a special problem when a medicine must be taken for several months or years to control a chronic health problem. We can prepare dosage forms in flavors that people like, can vary the flavor from time to time, and usually can mask any unpleasant aftertaste.


Commercial medicines may contain flavors, preservatives, dyes, binders, and/or excipients. If a patient is allergic to any one of these ingriedients, taking or using that medicine could result in unpleasant or life-threatening consequences. We can prepare medicines that are free of materials to which a patient is known to be allergic such as lactose intolerance.


A patient may have a skin problem that does not respond to a single-ingriedient prescription cream. The physician may want the patient also to use two other skin preparations. But using three medications from separate containers tends to be inconvienent and costly. We can compound all three medications into a base that contains the needed concentration of each -- a medicine that is much more convenient to use.

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