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After the Industrial Revolution, many functions of the pharmacist were turned over to the pharmaceutical manufacturers. The pharmacist's role gradually became oriented towards providing the patient with prefabricated mass produced medications.

As mass production of medications expanded, the pharmacist's responsibilities were further reduced to counting pills, pouring liquids, and licking labels. Manufacturers increasingly targeted their marketing efforts toward physicians. During the 70's and 80's pharmacists became more clinically oriented. Providing information became as important as dispensing the drug itself.

Many wonderful medicines are available, but because of the fiercely competitive nature of our market driven economy, and the standardization of mass produced medications, there is a void.

Most mass produced medicines have limited strengths and dosage forms which do not quite fit the needs of many patients. Other good medications are discontinued simply because of lack of profit to the manufacturer. Most recent medications are quite expensive. Many physicians seek customized and unique formulations for their patients in vain.


This system can treat most of the people most of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. Until now, the physician who wanted to customize therapy for a particular patient ended up frustrated because it was too difficult, often impossible to find support from the manufacturer or pharmacist.


Extemporaneous Compounding!

Now physicians have the opportunity to initiate customized therapy for their patients when desired.

Our pharmacy is taking a giant step backward to provide the basic option of compounding that was discarded many years ago by most pharmacists.

We are schooled in the art of extemporaneous compounding tailored to meet the patients specific needs. The physician can now be much more creative in selecting therapy. We are practicing pharmacy "Secundum Artum" (according to the art).

In addition to commercially available products, we have devices and pure bulk chemicals. We also have all types of high tech molds and equipment to properly compound practically any prescription.

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